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Sasha & Shanti Yoga Glasgow's journey

Sasha Ezzi-Irani

Sasha (RYT200) was born and has lived most of her life in Glasgow, Scotland. Having been moved about a lot as a child, this fuelled her love for travelling. She has lived in Iran and travelled to most of Europe, South America, South East Asia, India and Nepal.

Her love for yoga started 14 years ago as a seventeen year old, through a yoga video and from there she began a regular practice through books and yoga classes. Yoga has been a practice that has helped Sasha through her life particularly during the difficult times when it helped her focus, clear her head and find her way. She particularly loves it as a practice that has followed her around the world. She loves that you can do it anywhere, all you need is a small space!

Mostly self-taught, she once attended a yoga class in Glasgow and was blown away by the teacher, who had trained In India. From there, the dream began.

Sasha eventually followed her dream and in 2008, she became a student of Scarlett Mehigan of Tribe yoga. Sasha completed the intensive 200hr yoga teacher training in India which proved to be a life-changing course. Scarlett and the other teachers from tribe Yoga, further inspired her passion for yoga and her desire to teach it. Sasha had hoped to teach yoga afterwards as a part time job but after the course, she knew that she was always going to be dedicated full time to yoga.The Tribe yoga course also allowed her to take her meditation further and this was the point of her battle and eventual understanding of meditation.

India is the home of yoga and a special place and being in the natural and peaceful surroundings of Mandrem, added to the experience.

Following her training, Sasha began her pursuit of not only her new career but that of her own self-development of her body and mind.

Further to the rest of her travels and teaching in various parts of world, Sasha returned home to start up her own yoga business, Shanti Yoga Glasgow in the West End of Glasgow. Her business has quickly taken off with yoga classes across Glasgow. Most of her classes are highly energetic and challenging but with an emphasis on sensitivity to the joints, being honest with yourself about your limitations and aiming to find a relaxed state within each challenge. Each class ends with a blissful relaxation/meditation.

Sasha also completed 19 days and 130 hours of Dynamic Yoga with Godfrey Devereux on his WindFire Depth Intensive course in France. Sasha has attended workshops with Michael Gannon & Noah Maze and she completed a 40 hr Ashtanga immersion with David Swenson in London. In addition to all of this, Sasha in 2016, completed 200 hours with Shiva Rea and is currently finishing off paperwork for her certification as a Prana Flow teacher. Sasha is planning to do another 100 hours with Shiva next year and she considers Shiva to be her primary and most influential teacher at this point in her development.

Sasha also works at Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow School of Art and with Kibble Education and Care Unit in Paisley offering Yoga, Reiki and relaxation sessions to the young people and their staff.

In August 2009, she trained with Vicky Oliver in Surrey, England to gain her 'Yoga Bananas' Children's yoga teacher training certification. Vicky further inspired Sasha with her admirable successes in life and yoga teachings. So much so, that Sasha returned in September 2009 to join her WhYoga Pregnancy Teacher training course which not only taught Sasha about Pregnancy Yoga but also invaluable real life experiences that were passed on.

In 2012, Sasha trained with Drummond Education on their Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training courses. Combo sessions of yoga and personal training are also offered at Shanti Yoga Glasgow.

As well as Yoga, Sasha is certified VTCT Swedish Massage at Langside College, Pregnancy Massage, and Reiki 1 and 2 with Over The Rainbow, Glasgow. Sasha trained in 2013 with Gateway Workshops in how to adapt massage specifically for pregnancy and has a depth of knowledge in working with pregnancy and post-natal women. Sasha also completed a diploma in Thai Massage over 2015-2016 and is currently finishing her certification work. She believes that Massage and Reiki are great complementary therapies to use with Yoga and has integrated her trainings to offer full relaxation packages to suit the needs of each individual client.

In 2014 Sasha trained with the Prision Phoneix Trust in Oxford for 1 week. This course covered taking Yoga into prisions and working with prisoners, addicts and sex offenders. Sasha has a huge interest in the healing benefits of Yoga to those struggling with stress, addiction and mental illness.Sasha is a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher.

Sasha & Shanti Yoga's studio is insured by the DSC Strand Insurance Services.

Catriona Glasgow (Yoga Teacher)

Catriona was first introduced to yoga in 2011 when she was employed by a company that sold mainly yoga apparel. It took over a year for yoga to move it's way to the forefront of Cat's fitness lifestyle, beating her circuit training, boot camps, Crossfit that she had focussed on until that point. She began attending classes regularly and soon felt a different kind of strength and power that yoga offered through movement with breath. Cat was soon introduced to Acro Yoga (partner yoga) which enhanced her interest in this type of movement. She was able to advance her practice with the help of her Florida teachers both in the classroom and whilst our 'flying' with the Acro yoga group, working on arm balances, headstands, headstands and floating transitions to and from postures. She also challenges her balance skills using props such as balance boards and slacklines, working her physical and mental focus which improves her practice on her mat.

Cat's Vinyasa teacher training took place in Boca Raton, Florida in July of 2013 with Yoga South. Cat relocated to Glasgow to pursue her teaching career knowing that she could assist the growth of the yoga community here. She enjoys teaching flow sequences which offer challenges to any students who wish to take them and one of her goals is to be teaching to a wide range of athletes to improve their mobility and athletic drives. Her drive for teaching comes from seeing people heal, and helping people see that they are capable of much more than they believed.

Leigh Thomas (Yoga Teacher)

Leigh completed her Zen Ki Yoga® teacher training (450+hrs) in 2012 at The Centre of Yoga in Sydney, although has been practicing different styles of yoga on and off since 2001.

A gym injury (which resulted in 10 years of chronic lower back and hip pain) set her on the journey of studying fitness and trying to fix herself. Leigh gained qualifications in personal training and tried many different medical and natural treatment options (including pilates, physiotherapy, chiropractic, cortisone injections) but nothing helped more than temporarily. She eventually tried acupuncture and after only a few sessions her pain reduced dramatically. Leigh begun to get back into her yoga practice and remembered a Japanese style of yoga (based on the same principles as acupuncture) that she had tried and loved many years earlier in Sydney.

The rest, as they say, is history. After studying and applying the principles of Zen Ki Yoga®, Leigh is completely pain free! She has now moved to Glasgow from her hometown of Sydney and is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of this amazing type of yoga with others.

Saskia Groh (Yoga Teacher)

Saskia was born and raised in Germany and came to study in Scotland over five years ago. She now holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Health Psychology. Saskia started to practice Forrest yoga to release stress and to calm my nerves before exams. Soon she would attend two classes daily and started practicing on her own. In 2015 Saskia finally found herself attending the teacher training with Ana Forrest. It was a life changing experience as Saskia started to encompass yoga in her daily life. Having suffered from excruciating lower back pain since a teenager, Forrest yoga has helped her live nearly completely free of pain and has given her the confidence to share its magic with her students. Saskia feels alive and strong on her mat and she strives to share that freedom with her students.