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Teacher Training 2017

Shanti Yoga Glasgow is very excited to announce our Yoga Alliance certified 2017-2018 Yoga Teacher Training!

Shanti Yoga's Teacher Training starts with a complete immersion week set against the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park in Andalusia, Spain. This week is the beginning of a life changing journey into Yoga teacher training. The course has been designed to allow you to take yourself away from the noise and stress of everyday life, allowing yourself space and freedom to become completely absorbed in nothing but Yoga, Meditation & healthy eating. The peaceful setting is the perfect spot to focus on your practice and personal development, relax into the sunrise and sunset meditation and chanting sessions. The aim is to finish the initial week feeling physically, mentally and digitally detoxed whilst completing 54 of the 200 hours of your teaching training.

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Spain- Daily schedule below but also included in week 1 (54 hours of practice):

  • Basic but beautiful accommodation
  • Swimming pool
  • Healthy and delicious Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Unlimited herbal teas
  • Dreamy sunsets
  • An inclusive, non-judgmental, supportive environment that encourages growth with a relaxed, fun teacher

The remaining 146 hours – UK based training:

The remainder of your training will take place between Shanti Yoga's Studio in the West end of Glasgow and when we're feeling brave enough, we'll even venture into the Scottish countryside for Mindfulness and Meditation.

Full breakdown of classes below but a typical day in the studio would start with an early morning 7am Vinyasa practice, followed by a brunch break and lecture (included in price) at a local cafe. In the afternoons we'll be back in the studio either with guest teachers or practicing restorative yoga or some of the other developing activities mentioned below.

Full itinerary below but typically Included in UK weekend sessions:

  • 19 hours per weekend
  • Shanti studio time
  • Brunch on Saturday & Sunday
  • Unlimited herbal Teas
  • Lectures

Shanti Yoga invites you into a complete teacher training experience with Sasha who has created this schedule from a place of love and understanding of yoga as a lifestyle. This course will deepen your knowledge and push you to become a confident yoga teacher, focusing on personal growth. It really is a magical, intense, life changing decision.

The Training:

This Yoga Teacher Training is going to be perfect for anyone who would like to go deeper into their own practice. We will learn be exploring the History & Roots of Yoga and also looking at Yoga and how it has evolved over recent years. By the end of the course you will feel confident to start creating your own sequences and to begin teaching. If you are planning on teaching, this course is just the beginning to get you started. There will be more hard-work in practising your teaching, developing your confidence and classes afterwards. Sasha has throughly thought out this TT, to inspire you and to bring out the best in who you are as a teacher or practitioner. We aim to give you a transformative experience so that you can then go on and spread Yoga in your own individual style with others. We also will give you all the support that you will need, to get yourself started on this wonderfully rewarding journey. Groups will be small, limited to 16 people in Spain therefore you are guaranteed plenty individual attention on this course.

Sasha is integrating her ethos from Shanti Yoga into her Teacher Training. At Shanti Yoga, we believe in Yoga as a healing therapy. Yes, you are going to get stronger and more flexible as a result of this training but we believe that all of the physical attributes of Yoga are only a by-product of what we are really trying to gain from our Yoga practice and Yogic lifestyle. We at Shanti believe in improving our own well-being through looking after ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically but above all else, we believe in Yoga as a healing therapy and as a practice that can begin to reconnect you, back to your own true self. Yoga is a practice that can give you holistically, more contentment and happiness in your life. The happier we can become within ourselves, then the more we can then radiate that outwards to others.

The Yoga practice will give you a full balance of our interpretation of Energetic Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Flow / Yin Yoga. Easier options will always be given for days when your energy is low and for all abilities. Sasha fully believes in the balancing power of blending Yin & Yang practices with Meditation to give you a fully comprehensive training that will not only, give you a full energetic balance for yourself but will also give you insights into feeling and teaching different energies & wisdoms. We will be using the healing therapies of sound and silence on our journey and there will be various other explorations to help you find what you really connect with as an individual and as a teacher. It is through figuring out where you passion lies in Yoga, that you will figure out how and where you would like to practice and teach after the course.

About Sasha:

Sasha has a vast amount of experience teaching Yoga for over 8 years now in Glasgow and round the world. She has developed one of Glasgow's most successful Yoga studios therefore she will be able to guide each of you, not only in now to find your own unique style and way as a Yoga teacher but also, in how to develop your business and retreats. She also has a vast amount of Yoga knowledge passed down from all of her hugely influential teachers from around the world. She feels David Swenson, Godfrey Devereux and her Tribe Yoga teachers have all had an influence on the teacher that she has become. More recently, Sasha has been training with Shiva Rea whom Sasha regards as her current primary guide and main teacher. We would really recommend if you haven't met Sasha, to come and take one of her classes in the studio before committing to this course. When picking a TT, It is important that you connect to your teacher and that you find the right course for you. Sasha also has a great deal of experience teaching Yoga as a therapeutic healing practice. She has worked with countless students through all sorts of injuries & ailments. She has trained with the Prison Phoenix Trust and worked in depth with many people & particularly young offenders suffering from anxiety and depression. Sasha is completely committed over the course of this TT to sharing as much of her knowledge with her students as is relevant to all of your learning.

Guest Teachers:

As with all Yoga Alliance certified Yoga courses, the Senior Teacher (Sasha) will be doing 70% of the course. The other 30% will be guest teachers that will be announced in the coming weeks but Sasha has picked some of the best teachers from Glasgow and London to help give you a variety of different styles and perspectives. The teachers all hand-picked by Sasha all share a common school of thought, that Yoga is a whole way of life that will not only will enrich your life but also the rest of the world that we live in.

swimming pool in Spanish venue

Included in the course:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Philosophy & History of Yoga
  • Yoga Adjustments
  • Pranayama & Kriyas
  • Yoga for Runners, Cyclists and Sports
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Headstands, Headstands and all things upside down
  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga
  • Chakras
  • Intro In Ayurveda
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Live Kirtan and music sessions
  • Yoga as a Healing Therapy- working with Vulnerable students
  • Chanting & Gong Bath – the balance of energy cleansing through sound as well as silence (Meditation)
  • Protecting your energy and boundaries
  • How to start your own business, Insurance and all of the business side of being a teacher

Please speak to Sasha if you want to attend this course but are finding it difficult because of the week in Spain as if there are enough people in the same situation, Sasha may be able to make up the hours in the studio with a smaller group.

We are having information session on Saturday 1st April from 16.30 onwards, everyone is welcome to come to the studio to meet Sasha and each other. Snacks and drinks will be on offer.


Is my practice strong enough?

How strong your practice is, doesn't really matter, yes you will be stronger and more flexible over the duration however what is more important is that, you have been practising Yoga for long enough to be sure that you can commit to the hours of the course and that you know that you really want to go deeper into Yoga, for the right reasons. Please speak to Sasha if you have any concerns about your ability or health concerns.

Why do a week abroad?

Because Sasha believes in the importance of getting deep into nature and having time, just to solely focus on yourself and your practice, away from the chaos and distractions of your daily lives. We are also taking you into nature, in Scotland as we believe that having nature as an integral part of our TT, will not only help you keep your energy healthy and fresh so you can make the most of your learning experience with Shanti but we also here to teach you how to connect deeply with nature and therefore deeply with yourself.

I'm worried about the workload!

There will not be many extra study hours (25) over and above the contact hours in the studio so most amount of work you will be doing, will be in the studio and we will get you all teaching right from the beginning as gaining confidence with your teaching, is all simply about practice, practice and more practice. The main commitment we will need off you is the 200 hour contact hours in the studio. Sasha will also be available as your support and mentor throughout your course and beyond, should support be needed. You will have your 200 contact hours with Sasha and the guest teachers, your additional study hours which will involve short essays, readings from the reading list (soon to be published) and a final written exam and observed practical exam.

Will I be able to teach anywhere after this course?

Yes this is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teaching School. Yoga Alliance Professionals UK are the main supervising body for Teacher Trainings around the world and your qualification will be recognised worldwide and allow you to seek insurance to start teaching therefore it is really important you pick a Yoga Alliance certified school for your course but please careful as there are schools out there that claim to be certified and quite simply aren't registered schools.

Investment: £2,500

What's not included:

Personal insurance for Spain, flights & transport, extra costs for Casita huts if requested.

Training commences September 30th 2017 until May 2018 (duration is 9 months).

You can either pay the full amount due now or pay a deposit of £502 (this can be spilt into two) and then do 9 monthly instalments of £222 from September 1st onwards. Payments can be made via our app (there is a booking charge on each payment) or by bank transferv- ask Sasha for the full details!

Spanish Venue: website here

The centre features a unique panoramic roof practice space, offering beautiful views of the mountainside, the main room is equipped with an open plan kitchen and dining area, creating a community atmosphere. Outside, a 12 meter long terrace provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy the stunning nature. The centre's facilities have an eco-charm, with sleeping rooms in huts or tents set within nature, accessing a shared compost bathroom outdoors and a shared conventional bathroom indoors. Wi-fi is available throughout the centre.

Set within olive and almond trees on flat ground, the centre is overlooked by forested mountains and a former monastery in the north (which can be used as an indoor Yoga practice & meditation room). The crumbling ruins of the church provide a mystical atmosphere amidst the breathtaking nature.

There are 2 types of Accommodation – Bell Tents & Casitas. Both are 2 x people sharing (2 x single beds). The Bell tents are more basic therefore the Casitas have an extra charge of £100 pp on top of the course price.

Shanti Yoga Hidden Lane Studio

2017-2018 Course Dates:

Module 1: Sep 30th- 7th Oct (Spain) – 54 hours

UK Dates:

Module 2: October 27th – 29th- 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 3: November 10th – 12th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 4: December 8th -10th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 5: January 19th-21st – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 6: February 9th- 11th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 7: March 2nd- 4th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 8: April 20th-22nd – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 9: May 4th-6th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Exam, Certification Date & Closing Party : 12th May

Spain Itinerary- 54 hours

Arrival Saturday- Welcome Party & 3 hours Practice Sunday- Friday- 8 hours per day
7am- 10.30: Meditation & Pranayama, Asana Practice
10.30-11.30: Breakfast
11.30 – 13.30: Philosophy & Asana Study
13.30- 16.30 Lunch & Break
16.30—17.30 – Dinner
17.30-20.00- Lectures, Chanting & Meditation
Following Saturday- Finishing Practice & Closing Party- 3 hours

Weekends in Scotland:

Fridays - 18.30- 21.30
Saturdays & Sundays: (8 hours each day)
Start of course 7am – 09.30- Morning Practice, Pranayama & Meditation
Brunch & Lecture – 10am- 12.15
Restorative Class – 12.30-14.00
14.00pm-16.45 pm (plus 30 min break with snacks)

Full course syllabus

Terms and conditions