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Celia (Pregnancy Yoga) - 30th March 2010

"I had tried a number of yoga classes with little success and didnt really enjoy them, then went to Sasha's when I looked for a pregnancy class. She made yoga a fantastic experience for me, and her hour each week was the one thing I looked forward to in the latter stages of my pregnancy. She was adaptable and very helpful, coming to do classes at my home and went out of her way to help. A brilliant instructor and I cant wait to go back to her class".

Anna (General Yoga) 2011

'"I really like the way Sasha teaches, the fact that shes approachable, caring and pays attention to individuals!'"

Christina (General Yoga)- 30th January 2013

"I really have great time while practising yoga in your studio as you are very friendly, encouraging and helpful. The practise contains a lot of poses that exercise all part of the body. The atmosphere is really great and helpful for concentration while practising. I also enjoy the meditation time after the practise, it fills me with positive energy, my mind is becoming very calm. I love the crystal sound at the end of the mediation and the relaxing energising smell on the padded eye mask. But the best, is the feeling of absolute relaxation after practise. Namaste!"

Jackie (General Yoga)- 30th January 2013

'The classes are fun, interesting (with new yoga moves introduced regularly) and always challenging no matter your fitness level'

Elissa (General Yoga)- 1st February 2013

"I love doing yoga with Sasha, she a terrific instructor. She really pays attention to her students abilities and always demonstrates several variations for every pose. Her classes are suitable for everyone from beginners to experts."

Montse (General Yoga)- 31st January 2013

"Well, what to say about Yoga in Scotland. After trying three places and 3 different teachers, I found, by a friend, Shanti Yoga Glasgow :) I went to The Hidden Lane a Saturday afternoon, I was on alert, I did not know where it was and what was going on there and I was worried if I would like it. I practiced Yoga during many years in Spain, but since I came to Uk, I did not find the Yoga that I was looking for. Now, I am very happy that I can practice Yoga again and I love it. Sasha is brilliant at teaching Yoga and her voice is really relaxing and creates and transmits the energy of the practice. The studio is very cozy and it makes a good atmosphere inside. Also add that music is wonderful selection. I cannot high enough recommend you to try practicing Yoga at The Hidden Lane with Sasha."

Claire (General Yoga)-31st January 2013

"Shanti yoga is an affordable yoga class in which you feel the benefits straight away. The instructor Sasha is helpful and understands that everyone is different and works at their own pace. I've found her classes to be extremely useful in combination with the cardiovascular exercise I do."

Morag (General Yoga) -3rd Feb 2013

"I have dipped in & out of various yoga classes over the years but never found one that suited my erratic schedule or that really filled me with any desire to commit. They seemed to range from intimidating lycra-clad contortions, to holding dull, om-ing poses for hours, leaving me feeling nothing much other than a bit nonplussed.

About 4 years ago though, as the aches & niggles of middle age began to take a grip, the varied choice of Shanti's class times a stone's throw from my flat looked appealing - so I thought I should give them a go.

I'm happy to say I haven't looked back - with the exception of checking over the warrior's shoulder or between the down facing dog's legs, that is.

Sasha's well structured classes offer plenty to challenge, stimulate and unwind without taking themselves too seriously. You can work up a sweat, tone some flab and stretch out those daily twinges.

Candles, chilled music and lavender bags - now in the delightful setting of her Hidden Lane sanctuary - take a mindful 75 mins out of any individual's daily hamster wheel, and welcome you to taste or embrace the spiritual yoga ethos as far as you choose to take it."

Laura (General Yoga)-2nd February 2013

"Sasha offers much more than a yoga class. She gives you tailored programmes to suit your ability, but also encourages you to take on challenges to help improve your practice, with no pressure. She gives sound advice for things to do to accompany your practice to help your fitness as well as improve your mental approach. She knows her students well and is encouraging and supportive and sees them all as individuals. Shanti Yoga studio is a welcoming spacious environment which Sasha has made into a lovely space to enjoy and appreciate yoga and her teaching ability."

Tom( General Yoga)- 3rd February 2013

"Just a quick note to say how much I've enjoyed the classes that I have been to. The classes are challenging without being gruelling, and the meditation at the end rounds the class off really nicely. Always a good start to the week."

Maureen (General Yoga)- 3rd February 2013

"I have been doing Sasha's yoga class for 4 months now and see a big difference in myself. I feel more aligned, flexible and energetic. Thanks a lot. Really enjoying it. "

Emma & Grace (Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga)- 11th February 2013

'Sasha's pregnancy yoga was one of the highlights of my week when I was pregnant. It was good to do a bit of exercise with someone who understands what one can and can't do when pregnant and was always super relaxing. And I managed go to classes right up to the birth. Post natal yoga with Sasha has been a gentle (but steadily increasing in intensity) way to get back into it after having a baby. And best of all, your baby is completely welcome too and the classes are laid back so if you need to see to your baby, you can. My little girl Grace loves it too. '

Tamsin- Swedish Massage- 23rd March 2013

'I was suffering from a sore shoulder and went to Sasha for a massage to see if it would help relieve any tension or pain. The experience was fantastic. Sasha listened to my issues and adapted the massage specific to my needs. It was a wonderfully relaxing experience and certainly helped with the tension I was holding. Sasha also gave me tips on how to help relieve the tension at home and provided me with a free bottle of water at the end, it's the little things that count :-) I will definitely be back for more and highly recommend you get yourself booked in! '

Andrew -1-2-1 Yoga & Swedish Massage- 19th March 2013

'I have been going to Sasha's 1-2-1 yoga and massage sessions for over a year now. The objective was to provide greater flexibility, suppleness and balance to improve posture and avoid any pain from the osteoarthritis in both knees. A wonderful bonus from Sasha's yoga and massage was a reduction in my blood pressure which in turn led to a significant reduction in my medication. This has been a hugely successful experience, both physically and mentally. Sasha's breadth of knowledge and experience in identifying and designing programmes for my particular needs has been a major factor in the success of these sessions. A valuable and thoroughly enjoyable experience.'

Maureen General Yoga & Yin Yoga- 15th February 2014

'I have found yoga to give me a much better direction in my life and often feel much happier than i did before. I now practice yoga myself a couple of times a week and did the meditation workshop recently.I have tried meditation myself with some cd aids and think this will give a more peaceful existence also. I attend Sasha's general class and Laurie's yin yoga class and they are a great compliment to each other as the general really pushes you and yin is very relaxing. I am delighted that i started yoga and feel it is a lifetime peaceful journey that will bring good health.

Barbara- Free-Flow Yoga, Gentle Flow & Yin Yoga- 10th February 2014

When I took my first class at Shanti Yoga I was a bit unsure as I was almost a complete yoga newbie and really unfit. However Sasha really put my mind at ease, recommending classes that were most suitable for beginners. Sasha and Laurie are very friendly and welcoming and create a warm welcoming atmosphere to the classes. The studio is also a lovely light space that has a charm to it that you don't get with the more 'sterile' exercise rooms at most gyms. Both Sasha and Laurie often give advice on how to make poses more challenging if you feel ready, and give easier options too. They encourage you to listen to your own body and get a sense of what it feels ready to do at a given moment - I've never felt pressured into going at a pace or level I felt uncomfortable with.

I've been going for a few months now and although I still feel very much a beginner, I'm really noticing differences in my flexibility and strength. Best of all the yoga has really helped me combat some problems I've been having with anxiety - I've been able to glimpse some of the benefits yoga can have for your mind as well as your body. The relaxation at the end is always my favourite part :-)

Rose- Pregnancy, Post-Natal & General Yoga- 9th February 2014

I had never done yoga before I was pregnant. Having read about the various benefits of pregnancy yoga online I decided to give them a try. It was so nice to get a hour a week focusing on relaxing and preparing my body for labour. I looked forward to them every week - particularly in the latter points of my pregnancy. I used a lot of what I learned in my labour and I have yoga to thank for my body's quick recovery. All the pelvic floor must have paid off as I managed labour unscathed! After my 6 week check up I started post natal yoga. It's been a great way to get back into shape. Sasha is great with the babies and it's a very comfortable environment. I started attending the general classes 5 months ago and I am fitter now than I was pre-pregnancy, all thanks to yoga. I would highly recommend all of the classes!

Charlie- General Yoga - 10th February 2014

Shanti Yoga, tucked away in the West End, has been a wee oasis of tranquillity for me. I have found the vinyasa flow yoga highly beneficial for overall wellbeing, and also for fitness and physique. My teacher Sasha is very knowledgeable of the precise effects of each pose and movement, and the emphasis is on how yoga enriches mind as well as body. The classes are carefully constructed, clearly taught and ever-evolving, and Sasha has an amazing instinct for where you may need to make adjustments.

You will come out of Shanti Yoga feeling wonderful and at peace.

Jill- General, Wake-Up Yoga & Yoga For Runners - 10th February 2014

I tried lots of yoga classes in Glasgow before finding Shanti Yoga but the minute I walked into the peaceful studio in The Hidden Lane I knew I'd found the right place.

There's always a lovely atmosphere in the studio, lovely scents, candles burning and the mats all ready for us. I've attended a few different classes with both Laurie and Sasha and they have all been great and I always leave the studio feeling fab- relaxed and energised.

Justine- General Yoga- 9th February 2014

Having recently moved to Glasgow from Australia, I was looking for a welcoming Yoga Studio to join and really get into the practice of Yoga. After my first class at Shanti Yoga, I was so pleased at having tried it, the practice was really energised and exactly what I was looking for in a Yoga class, lots of different movements and not too meditative which I've found some classes to be and also such a beautiful studio. I cannot recommend Sasha & Laurie highly enough and although I don't know many people in Glasgow, all of my friends have heard me mention Shanti Yoga on more than one occasion. Thank you Shanti Yoga!

Katherine - General Yoga & Ashtanga Workshop- 11th February 2014

I can highly endorse the classes offered at Shanti Yoga. The range of classes I have undertaken (including general, free flow, wake up yoga, yoga for runners and yin as well as special workshops in Ashtanga) have all been taught to the highest standard and tailored to my individual needs. Sasha excellently manages the balance between making the classes challenging, but also building a mindfulness of form, breathing for relaxation and therefore ultimately avoiding any injury. My yoga practice has improved immeasurably with Sasha's help and I have also seen a great benefit in my other fitness-based activities (mainly running). Finally, and possibly most importantly, the meditative and relaxation elements of the classes have offered an indispensible addition to my day-to-day life allowing me to address any areas of challenge with a greater degree of calm.

Norman- General Yoga - Nov 2015

The classes at Shanti Yoga are really, really, really good. It is strongly suggested that you come along and find out why that is. The teachers are excellent; supportive, enthusiastic, kind, generous, skilled and, above all at times, they have a very keen sense of humour. The environment is calm, warm and conducive to enabling me exclude the outside world, my past and future and helping me to focus on the now. The content and pace of the classes is very well designed to engage me and to help me to move towards the elusive "comfortable edge". The option to move with my own breath allows me to follow my own rhythms whilst still taking instruction from my teacher. I always feel calmer, more refreshed and happier after each class. My journey with Shanti Yoga began over 3 years ago and I hope to continue that journey as long as the teachers can cope with my, occasionally disruptive presence.

Sam- General, Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga - Nov 2015

I first discovered Sasha's classes when I was about 18 weeks pregnant, and thank goodness I did! The pregnancy yoga combined with the occasional meditation workshop helped me to work right past my due date, and kept me calm and in control during labour. I have since been to the occasional postnatal class where you can bring your baby along, these are such a good idea as it can be hard to look after yourself as well as a small person. Sasha's massages are also wonderful, I had them both pre and post baby and she is excellent at sorting out any aches and pains. I can't wait to see what more Shanti Yoga has to offer in 2016 with the move to a new studio, very exciting!

Danielle- General Yoga - Feb 2015

I have been coming to Sasha's classes for about 5 years now and I still enjoy them as much as the first time I went. Sasha is a profoundly diligent and compassionate Yoga instructor. She is attentive to everyone in the class's abilities and provides helpful guidance when you are struggling. What I love most is her method of teaching and how she is able to guide the class through each move. The diversity and style of sequences in each class is what has helped me through my own development in Yoga. The studio has a warm, peaceful and inviting energy with beautiful sun light and decor. Sashas choice of background music is always fitting and really enjoyable.

Gunjan- General Yoga - Feb 2015

Have been going to the classes for more than a year now and always find them fun, engaging and motivating. Best way to break a sweat really! Sasha has a way of making everyone feel comfortable but sufficiently challenged at the same time. Having tried and benefited from the massage and reiki sessions, in addition to the monthly meditation workshop, I am pleased to say it is amazing how much this tiny little studio in the hidden lane has to offer :)

Gemma- General Yoga - Feb 2015

My friend's infectious enthusiasm for the Shanti Yoga studio is the reason I ended up taking Sasha and Laurie's classes. Since I started practising at this studio I do not hesitate to recommend the classes to anyone who will listen! The studio has a special atmosphere: everyone (students and teachers alike) is very welcoming, there is a calmness even in a full class and it is accessible but challenging. The fortnightly change in sequences keeps things interesting and if you become a regular it is clear that the sequences are planned to build up strength in certain areas over time and in the right way. Most importantly, the classes emphasise being kind to yourself and listening to your mind and body. I can only speak for myself but the energy at the end of most classes I have been to is relaxed and positive and you can sense that everyone is grateful for having been there.

Emma- General Yoga - Feb 2015

I've been attending Shanti Yoga Glasgow for over a year now and it offers a wonderful variety of yoga classes! I had tried various studios before finding Shanti, none of which compared to the warm, welcoming and peaceful environment I've found in this studio. Classes are well structured and guided, with full explanations and options which help you build up to the more difficult poses. The majority of my classes have been with Sasha, who has helped me to improve in my focus, strength and technique. She is an excellent teacher who encourages you to be challenged without being impatient with your body. There are a wide range of classes and workshops available, at a variety of levels of difficulty and there is something to suit every schedule. Sasha knows all of her students, seeing and supporting them all as individuals. I would highly reccommend a visit to Shanti yoga; a lovely wee yoga retreat in the Hidden Lane and a welcoming community where you can unwind and refocus."

Felicity- General Yoga - Feb 2015

I've been going to Shanti yoga for a little over a year now and have recommended this wonderful place to many of my friends who are now also Shanti regulars! Both Sasha and Laurie are excellent teachers, providing a variety of classes from invigorating Vinyasa Flow, to chilled out Sunday Yin and hot and sweaty Ashtanga sessions. The unique setting, on Glasgow's Hidden Lane, adds to thecharm of the spacious and light studio, which is dotted with fairy lights and candles - making it a real haven, perfect for escaping from the rigors of modern life! The classes and workshops are very reasonably priced, particularly if you take advantage of the weekly 2 classes for £10 offer. I recently tried out Ashtanga for the first time at one of Sasha's workshops and while it was challenging, I found it really enjoyable with great instruction,a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and only £14! With a fabulously friendly vibe, great music and wonderful teaching, what's not to love?!

Catherine- Pregnancy Yoga - Feb 2015

In the third trimester of my pregnancy I was starting to get a little fed up. I was big and I couldn't sleep and I had to go to the toilet all the time and I was permanently uncomfortable. Finally I managed to drag my irritable self to ante-natal yoga with Sasha and after the first class I felt everything lighten: my body and my mood. Just being a room full of other women who also had to brace themselves to get down to or up off the floor was therapeutic. The spine twists loosed that horrible knot between my shoulder blades and the forwards bends stretched out all the tightenings in my lower back. The class was the exact degree of difficulty I needed to feel like I had exercised and the relaxation benefitted not only me but the poor, long-suffering fiancé I went home to. I looked forward to the classes and I used the breathing during my labour. I will definitely be back for the post natal classes with my baby.

Kyle- General Yoga - Feb 2015

Shanti Yoga provides a welcoming yoga environment where newcomers are made to feel as welcome as the regulars. Sasha's clear teaching style has allowed me to go from absolute beginner to a point where I can effectively utilise yoga to help cope with the pressure of running a busy business.

Lotta- General Yoga - Feb 2015

"I've been taking yoga classes at Shanti Yoga with Sasha for a while now, and have only good things to say! Sasha is always very positive and encouraging, and her classes are well planned and varied. There's always a lovely, very accepting, atmosphere in the classes, with all abilities taken into an account, and everyone doing their own thing with no competition. What I really like is that Sasha is always very careful to remind us not to push too far, and to protect our back and joints in all the poses, creating a very safe environment to practice yoga in. In addition to Sasha, Leigh's Zen Ki yoga classes are also great! I always leave from Shanti Yoga feeling refreshed and energised."

Lisa- General Yoga - Feb 2015

I'm absolutely LOVING yoga. The monthly pass is the best gift ever to myself! Its snapped me out of making excuses not to come to class when I'm too tired or busy, and that wee hour is miraculous in helping me clear my head & making me more productive the next day I'm finding. Instead of being worn out & foggy minded! Feeling stronger mentally and physically than ever.

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Sasha does such a fab job! Its very rewarding for me to see a change in me physically and I'm now getting it mentally too! My practice has deepened over the past few years and I really feel the benefits thanks to your classes Sasha! Your positivity has really helped push me. I like the balance of a workout and a deep relaxation afterwards. Good job Sasha!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

I started classes at Shanti feeling a little scepital and thinking it would just be a lot of stretching however it has turned out to be much more! Sasha is just such a great teacher that puts me at total comfort.I have now done Pregnancy, Post-Natal & regular classes and I love them all!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

I love coming to Shanti Yoga! The classes are friendly and supportive and give me the space for some much needed 'me'time. The 2 classes for £12 offer is great - allowing me to come twice as week. I can really see my practice progressing and I am the strongest (physcially & mentally) that I have been in a long time. I end each class feeling positive, grounded and energised. Thank you Sasha and Laurie!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Shanti Yoga is my little sanctuary!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Classes with Sasha, Laurie & Leigh are challenging, supported, guided and a very very positive experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable and they target the classes to suit the poeple in attendance. They are clear that the journey and development of knowledge of self are core to each practice. I have been taught by Sasha and her colleagues for over 3 years and I would not still be with them if they were unable to put up with me and vice versa:)

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Best Yoga classes I have had in the UK and I throughly enjoyed all the time I have spent at Shanti!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Classes with Sasha, Laurie & Leigh are challenging, supported, guided and a very very positive experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable and they target the classes to suit the poeple in attendance. They are clear that the journey and development of knowledge of self are core to each practice. I have been taught by Sasha and her colleagues for over 3 years and I would not still be with them if they were unable to put up with me and vice versa:)

Annual Feedback Forms- Maureen - Dec 2015

Loved the classes as usual and I have been going to the studio for a few years now! I find the comination of Vinyasa and Yin is a very good mixture. Yoga keeps me sane and I dont feel right without it now! Other Yoga classees in other places are not to the same quality as Shanti!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

I'm someone who finds it difficult to relax and Shanti Yoga has given me a place to go where I can truly relax and connect to myself. I really value the flexibility of bookings and the variety of classes available!

Annual Feedback Forms - Dec 2015

Wonderful ambiance and friendly helpful instructors. I've seen a huge improvemnet in my fitness, strength and general well being. Shanti Yoga is always one of my favourite places to come during a hectic week and stressfull times!