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Swedish Massage

Shanti Yoga offers Sweedish and Pregnancy massages, as well as Reiki

Sasha is on holiday between 18th March & 25th March, please email enquiries or booking issues during this time. Maria is also on holiday until Wed 22nd March)

As well as Yoga classes, Shanti Massage Glasgow offers Complementary Therapies in our beautiful therapy studio- the White Room, in the heart of the West End. The studio has been newly renovated and is a candle-lit, peaceful place of privacy, comfort and calm to ensure you can make the most of your relaxation experience.

We have two highly experienced and wonderful therapists at Shanti!

Sasha works every afternoon Mon-Sat, Tuesday evening and the occasional Sunday. Sasha provides Swedish Massage, Reiki, Reiki Massage and Pregnancy Massage. Her direct number for booking is: 07760885724.

Maria works Thursday and Saturday- day into evening and Maria offers Reflexology (also Fingers free or Lymph drainage Reflexology), various kinds of massages (Sport Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Breuss Massage) or therapies addressing postural alignment and fascia (Dorn Method Treatment, KCR and Kinesiology taping) and Maria can be contacted on: 07756 923 701. Here's more information on Sasha & Maria below:

Maria is our newest therapist at Shanti Yoga! Maria is highly experienced therapist who offers a wide range of treatments to alleviate back and neck problems, to help healing muscle or postural injuries, reduce pain and to support your body functions. If you feel any pain, tension, or stress, if you are burn out, or simply not your normal self look no further - Maria is here to address your needs!

Treatments can be booked all day and into early evenings on Thursdays and Saturdays. Just call Maria's mobile number 07756923701, or email her at Your first consultation is free. Maria's clients benefit also from birthday and referral discounts. Do not hesitate to contact Maria if you have any queries! Maria Prices are £22 for 30 mins, £42 for an hour or £62 for 90 mins.

Sasha Offers:

  • Half body Swedish or Pregnancy Massage (1/2 hr) costs £20 & is focussed solely on back, neck and shoulders
  • Half body Swedish Massage (45 mins) costs £30 and can be focussed on back, neck and shoulders and a specific area of choice e.g legs, arms or stomach
  • Full body Swedish or Pregnancy Massage (1 hr) costs £40 and is focussed on back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs
Massages can be adapted to any particular ailments or more treatment applied to areas of particular tension. Sasha will from time to time, ask about the pressure so that the massage can be exactly how you wish it to be.

Sasha generally uses Songbird Organic Massage Wax for treatments and a choice of scents are given. Oils, Creams or Talc can be used if preferred. This will be discussed in details at the consultation to ensure that each client receives a treatment that is most effective to their requirements. Massages are made luxurious by the use of a dermologica stress relief neck and shoulder massage and Sasha also uses steamed water and Eucalyptus oil for each client to breathe in at the beginning of each massage to add to the relaxation experience.

Each treatment includes a free and full consultation prior to your massage. Each treatment ends on extra advice about posture and tips on how to manage your stress levels and tension on a daily basis. Both males and females are welcome however please note that this is a strictly a professional and non-sexual service.

Sasha was trained with Langside College (VTCT Swedish Massage) in Glasgow and with Gateway Workshops for Pregnancy Massage. Sasha and the studio are insured with DSC strand insurers.

Swedish Massage is a deep form of massage that uses firm pressure to pull out muscular knots and tension using various techniques of effleurage, kneading, frictions, stretching and tapotements.

Benefits of Massage

  • Relieves muscular pain and tension
  • Assists with better sleeping patterns and insomnia
  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Improves joint stiffness and improves body tone
  • Releases anxiety and depression
  • Can alleviate particular ailments such as lower back pain, sciatica and arthritis
  • Help with migrane pain
  • Promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks
  • Improves circulation by moving oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs, also drains out toxins and waste products out of the body

Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage: Massage pressure can be decided by you and Sasha will ask during your consultation if you would lie your feet (sole and metatarsals), bump and face/scalp massaged. The massage usually includes the above areas plus the back, shoulders, legs and arms but can tailored to your needs.

Clients need to be over 14 weeks and a health declaration will be need to be completed. GP permission may be required depending on the declaration outcome.

Sasha uses Organic Lavender Wax for the treatment (non-scent is also available) and a Lavender and Geranium face moisturiser for the neck and upper back massage at the end. Both of which are safe to use during pregnancy. Pillows and a sturdy massage bed are also used for your comfort.

  • Improved circulation particularly of the essential nutrients for the rest of the body and the placenta therefore for the baby growth and development
  • Lymphatic drainage: eliminate toxins and help reduce oedema which can be a contributory factor to in Carpal Tunnel syndrome.
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Ease symptoms of sciatica, prolapsed disks and SPD often caused by postural change and hormonal release
  • Releases compression of the nerves caused by tension or oedema
  • Helps avoid varicose veins
  • Massaging the intercostal muscles and pectoral muscles will help with the respiratory system and aid breathing during pregnancy and birth
  • Induces the relaxation response and reduces stress/anxiety
  • Helps with insomnia and encourages peaceful sleep (it has been reported that women who have a better quality of sleep during the last month of pregnancy, have a shorter labour
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Massage encourages the release of Oxytocin (pain reducing hormone providing pain relief during labour


Shanti Yoga Glasgow offers Reiki in your own home or the studio if you prefer. A full reiki session (1 hr) costs £30 however many people choose to mix their reiki session with a massage (£40- 1 hr or £20- 1/2 hr), yoga or simply a relaxation session. These sessions can be organised to suit you and are particularly good for stress, anxiety or for less mobile clients.

Our most popular relaxation package is the combination of Reiki & Massage and this can be a great taster for Reiki. The full relaxation experience and energy body cleanse is a mixture of reiki and massage on the upper body. For these treatment, Sasha normally starts with a back, neck and shoulder massage for 30 mins (time can changed), followed by a chakra (energy point) cleanse using reiki. The client normally needs a full day/night free to relax after this treatment as it can really take it out of you! This is a great treatment to ensure a good sleep and you should wake up feeling reenergised!

Reiki: (pronounced Ray-key) is a japanese word meaning universal life energy. Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved from Japan from the experience of Dr Mikao Usui (d.1926).

Reiki is a very popular therapy today and is a great practice as it is completely non strenuous and the client doesn't not need to remove any parts of clothes so this is an ideal therapy for clients with lack of mobility or who don't think they are ready for massage or yoga. The client simply lies on our Massage bed with blankets and relaxes. Sasha gently places her hands on or over certain parts of the body in an non-intrusive manner, in order to transfer healing energy in the form of 'ki' into the clients body.

Sasha always gives the option for Reiki of a 10 min guided yoga relaxation in which Sasha talks about relaxing each part of your body and your breathing. You can choose silence or a short guided relaxation at the start, if your feeling particularly tense and distracted. As with yoga and massage, certain problems areas that may have arisen from emotional problems and physical ailments or simply areas that require more energy, can be focussed on for longer.

At the most, the client will receive a deep state of relaxation however Reiki also helps speed up the recovery of acute injuries, release tension in the body and remove emotional and physical blockages that maybe present in the chakras or different parts of the body.

Reiki is also an effective treatments for animals and pets.

Sasha is a fully qualified Reiki practitioner in Reiki 1 and 2 with Over The Rainbow training in Glasgow.

Relaxation Packages

Relaxation packages can be in your own home or the studio. Relaxation sessions can be booked for one person or for groups of friends or couples (Sasha has another Massage therapist to hand that can work alongside Sasha with her own massage bed. These relaxation sessions are particularly recommended as a 'treat', a 'present' or for those who suffer from stress/anxiety.

Relaxation packages can be made up of:

  • Swedish/Pregnancy Massage: £20 per 30 mins
  • Guided Relaxation /Meditation Session: £10 per 20 mins
  • Reiki Session £15 per 30 mins
  • Yoga Session(energetic or restorative): £15 per 30 mins
  • The above therapies can be added onto the end of our Monthly Workshops e.g Breathing & Meditation Workshop